David W Peak
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It allows you the opportunity to move towards living in a way you feel to be more satisfying and resourceful.

Examining the things that are making your life uncomfortable, in a safe, supportive environment, in the company of a trusted, impartial professional person quickly leads you to discover adverse past events, negative automatic ways of thinking, or self-defeating behaviours that feed into the present moment and prevent you from being at ease with the world, with yourself, or with your fellow men.   Once the cause of your discomfort has been discovered, treatment can begin.

I create a safe, welcoming, calm and supportive environment in the counselling room where you may explore your life’s difficulties and problems, without fear of judgement or criticism, knowing I try to understand your problem from your point of view.   

I am there to give you my exclusive, undivided attention and support, whilst you explore your anxieties and troubles.

Techniques from other approaches, when combined with the person-centered ‘core conditions’, help you to identify the cause of your troubles more quickly and provide us with a clear target for treatment.

How long does it take?

You may be able to achieve your personal goal in just a few sessions of therapy, but you may equally need more time than that.   It depends on the nature of your discomfort and how resilient you are as a person.  Everybody is unique, and so are the problems they bring to counselling.   

However, the majority of clients I have seen think that 6 sessions is about right for their needs, some need more than 6, whilst some achieve their objective with fewer appointments.

Treatment for simple Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may require between 6 and 12 sessions to process, whereas more complex trauma could require 18 sessions or more